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The Pursuit Of Perfection

March 6, 2018

A perfect picture, the ultimate powder-turn or a flawless hairdo. We all have different things in life that, in some way, need to be perfect to us. However, they do sometimes seem to take a little to much control over us I think. I know so because I’m that kind of person that need things to be exactly as I picture it in my head, and if the outcome ain’t pleasing enough I have to redo it again, and again, and again…

Good or bad? I think both.

Bad in the way that we in some cases get carried away and start to build our life around being perfect in everything we do, how we look and how we are. There is way more stuff I can put on the list but I think you get my point.

Good when we learn to deliver perfection in a healthy balance. And by that I mean when we allow ourselves to do mistakes but use them to evolve.

I’ve done and will probably do more mistakes. Mistakes on a personal level, when I edit a photo or when I miscalculate that powder-turn and find myself stuck in a tree. It is often those mistakes that helps me to be a better version of myself, better at what I do and how I do it.

So allow yourself to do mistakes, you don’t have to be perfect the first time or the whole time. Just do it without the mistake the second time and if it turned out to be great, do it with the mistake.

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