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My Dream

January 15, 2018

Dreams. We all have them. We all need them. For the simple reason that they are important to us.

They´re big and they´re small. Some are old and some are young. In other words, they have a different date of birth. Hopefully, all of them live alongside you, your entire life. You feed them, they change, become a little different than what they were at birth. It’s a living organism, your dream. And all living need to be fed. So never ever forget to feed them.

Perhaps though, the most important thing, is that you have to do everything you possibly can to make them a reality. Because if you never do that. They just stay in that state. A dream.

I’m doing that right now. Making one of my younger dreams into a reality. Skiing powder in Japan for the first time.

That’s my dream, one of them, one of many

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