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For Alfred it’s BMX

August 29, 2017

The energy that BMX gives me is based on the feeling of freedom when I’m riding my bike. The possibilities of being creative and to challenge myself. The opportunity to travel the world, discover new places and meet others that share the same passion.

For me BMX is freedom. And with that freedom comes endless possibilities – Alfred Sjödin

I have never looked at BMX as a sport, or any kind of training or competition. And I wouldn’t call it a lifestyle either but more like something that’s always there for me.

The biggest reason why BMX is My Sound Of Silence is that I can basically grab my bike and go out whenever I want. With no time to keep, no pressure from an audience or a coach yelling out what I need to think about. No one who can decide what I can do and don’t. Hip Hop music from the 90:s playing in my headphones, cruising down the street all alone is as much fun and peaceful as hanging out with all your BMX friends at the bike park and do tricks together. For me BMX is freedom. And with that freedom comes endless possibilities.

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